Our Team

Jeff Bush

Hometown:  Born in Baltimore, MD, grew up in Chesapeake, OH, love all things Pittsburgh, PA.

Education:  B.A. in Bible and Christian Ministries from Kentucky Christian University

Experiences:  I have served as a worship minister in 3 different congregations over the course of 10 years. That began at MVA back in 2001 when I served as the worship minister here. So, I have come full circle back home. For 8 years I also traveled and served at church camps, conferences, and other youth venues in a band called fishhook. We had a blast, blasting out the gospel! I also continue to speak and sing periodically as a proud representative of my dad’s ministry: Art Bush Ministry, Inc. (www.artbushministry.com)

My favorite part of serving at MVA:  It’s always about the people and we have a great family of Christ-followers here that care deeply for one another and for the truth of the Word of God. And while I’m glad for what our church is, I excited about the future here also. I believe God is doing a great work in MVA!

Family/Hobbies:  My wife Trish and I have been married since 2000. (Yes, that’s why I am a good husband that always knows how long we’ve been married when asked.) She is a Physician Assistant, a Home Schooler, a Christian Education Organizer at MVA, and a tremendous source of encouragement to me. We have three young children, a dog and never a dull moment. I’m a rain or shine (mostly rain) Pittsburgh Pirates fan and certified Star Wars geek.

If I had an extra $20, I would spend it on:  I would probably save it for the Steam Summer Sale or purchase exactly 13 Tim Horton’s medium black coffees. Mmmmmm.

Lyle Baker

Hometown: I was born in Louisville, KY and raised as a ‘preacher’s kid’ in Kentucky, Ohio, and Florida

Education: Bachelor of Science in Bible and Christian Ministries at Kentucky Christian University

Experiences: I began my first part-time youth ministry in 1995, and have been in youth ministry and/or a couple of youth/worship ministries ever since. I was part of a “rock band with a message” for 8 years with Jeff in fishhook. I’ve been at MVA since February 2007 and absolutely love it! Over the years youth ministry has (thankfully) changed from a one guy job to a team effort – and I have the best team here at MVA. We share a heart for kids and adventure and I can’t wait to see where God takes us!

My favorite part of serving at MVA: The atmosphere of family, worship, and adventure. This family is one that’s always on the go; no matter the age of the participants! I absolutely have to brag on the way the church supports the youth ministry both within our walls and without (MVA is a huge supporter of Round Lake Christian Camp and Ohio Teens for Christ and more)!

Family/Hobbies: I met my wife Holly at Kentucky Christian. She was from Africa; but I begged her to stay and she did!! She’s a counselor at Marion Area Counseling Center and she’s at least twice as smart as me! We have two little girls, Chloe and Hailey, who love the church and their youth group buddies! Because of my friends here at the church; I now have a slightly ridiculous amount of hobbies ranging from snowboarding to mountain biking and being in the woods for extended periods of time. My geeky nature has taken an adventurous spin (but I still love me some video games).

If I had an extra $20, I would spend it on: I’d either buy some tunes or I would stash it until I get two more extra $20 and spend it on a video game!

Lori Noland

Hometown: Born in Chillicothe, OH, grew up in Mount Vernon, OH, love all things Ohio State!

Education: A.A from Ohio State University

Experiences: I worked as a stylist, waitress & bank teller. All were great learning experiences. Growing up I spent a lot of time at church. My Dad was the minister & I loved the people there. I was able to see the influence all those people had on me and am hoping God can use me to do the same for others.

My favorite part of serving at MVA: I love my family at MVA! What a blessing and encouragement they have been! I see God at work here everyday touching the lives of his children, to me nothing is more amazing, that’s got to be my favorite part.

Family/Hobbies: My husband Matt & I have been married since 2010. We have a three year old boy, Jett. Jett knows how to keep us on our toes & remember to take the small moments in. I really like to travel and as ridiculous as it sounds my favorite hobby is probably shopping. Even if it’s plain old grocery shopping, I’ll be having a blast! So basically if you get me traveling, with family, at a store, you will find a happy girl!

If I had an extra $20, I would spend it on: hmmm twenty dollars, I would probably put it towards our Disney World fund.

Our Elders

Brad Ridge

Bryan White

Tom Bridenstine