Sept 23, 2017 Big Backyard!

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Connections naturally happen with our family and our neighbors in the backyard.
MVA’s “Big Backyard” is a time to enjoy connecting with each other and new friends.
We would like to to welcome you to our Sept 23, 2017 Big Backyard event at the home of…

Tom and Jill Cowell
5455 Columbus Sandusky Road N
Marion, OH 43302

At 1:00pm the festivities will start with a awesome highflying biplane and bounce house activities for the young and young at heart.

At 2pm we’ll add a corn hole tournament as well as a bingo with prizes to be won for the winners of both.

At 4:30pm we’ll enjoy our exciting, fantabulous, winner-take-all cornhole championship game

At 5:00pm we’ll share a quick program called “Grouplink”.  Grouplink is simply an opportunity for you to get linked to a MVA Connection Group in your area with people that have similar interests so that we can grow together in Christ.

Then at 6pm we eat! And the eating will be awesome with a pig that will have been cooking all day!

If you are a member of our church family please bring a side-dish for the meal at 6:00. If you are not a member of our church family, just bring you!

We can’t wait to see you in the Big Backyard!

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