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12 weeks, 12 chapters, 12 truths

Welcome to MVA Church of Christ!


Everyone is welcome at MVA. No matter your background or current life situation, we will enjoy having you here.

There is no dress code. Some people may dress up. We hope you won’t worry about what you wear, but just come as you are.

When you first arrive you will be met by a volunteer who will give you a program. This program contains information about the church and outline for the sermon.

Stay refreshed in our main entrance cafe.

We have incredible environments for kids called Discovery Garden (for ages Preschool-Kindergarten) & Kingdom Kids (Grades 1-5). You can drop off your kids before you head into the auditorium for the best day of their week! Once you have your program, coffee, checked your kids in... make yourself comfortable in the auditorium and wait for the service to begin.

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    In case you are wondering about the value and effectiveness of VBS, check out this little moment with my son 5 days after it ended remembering Bible truths he learned there. Thanks again to our director, Shellie Montgomery, and the 60+ volunteers that made our VBS program this year have lasting impact in children for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Follow Him! ...

    Looking for something fun to do tonight? Join us for a big picnic at our friends (Kevin & Peggy Smith) house at 6:30pm. Located at 2494 East River Road. ...

    Hey everyone! Tonight at Garfield Park our two MVA coed softball teams are playing double-headers! Come out and cheer them on! But wait; there's more! In game 2 our teams are playing each other! Reds vs Blues! It will be kind of like the NBA FINALS; but for our church! (Go CAVS!!!) Here's the schedule:

    6:10 MVA 1 vs Celebration
    7:15 MVA 1 vs MVA 2
    8:20 MVA 2 vs FLC

    Hope to see you there!!

    Tomorrow night our MVA Men's team is playing a double header as well, at Garfield, at 6:10 and again at 9:25pm!

    We are going to be so tired :)