join us as we get to know Jesus through the eyes of those who met him in person


Thanks to all who helped us

complete our campaign!

Installation is complete!

Welcome to MVA Church of Christ!


Everyone is welcome at MVA. No matter your background or current life situation, we will enjoy having you here.

There is no dress code. Some people may dress up. We hope you won’t worry about what you wear, but just come as you are.

When you first arrive you will be met by a volunteer who will give you a program. This program contains information about the church and outline for the sermon.

Stay refreshed in our main entrance cafe.

We have incredible environments for kids called Discovery Garden (for ages Preschool-Kindergarten) & Kingdom Kids (Grades 1-5). You can drop off your kids before you head into the auditorium for the best day of their week! Once you have your program, coffee, checked your kids in... make yourself comfortable in the auditorium and wait for the service to begin.

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    Sunday nights at LIFT we've been in this awesome series called "WIRED"
    We've taken a look at
    1 - how God created us
    2 - how He sees us
    And next Sunday we'll look at how that shapes...
    3 - the way we should see others
    Please don't miss out! Come join us for "WIRED" !!

    We're excited to have this special event for new parents and their bundles of joy! Parents that are interested in participating in this event sign up on the connection card or contact the church office! ...

    LIFT last night! These kids are learning some big words!!! ...