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What happens when the story of our lives takes an unexpected twist?

Welcome to MVA Church of Christ!


Everyone is welcome at MVA. No matter your background or current life situation, we will enjoy having you here.

There is no dress code. Some people may dress up. We hope you won’t worry about what you wear, but just come as you are.

When you first arrive you will be met by a volunteer who will give you a program. This program contains information about the church and outline for the sermon.

Stay refreshed in our main entrance cafe.

We have incredible environments for kids called Discovery Garden (for ages Preschool-Kindergarten) & Kingdom Kids (Grades 1-5). You can drop off your kids before you head into the auditorium for the best day of their week! Once you have your program, coffee, checked your kids in... make yourself comfortable in the auditorium and wait for the service to begin.

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    Our Family Experience (FX) Service is coming up this Sunday. We look forward to having our kids in with us to worship and showcase what they do in Kid Kingdom as well as help lead us in worship. Join us Sunday at 10am! ...

    As a follow up to the message on Job this morning, consider this wisdom. "Doubt your doubts" ...

    Doubt is real - I pray this blesses someone today in Jesus name...

    We love our children at MVA and we love our Orange Curriculum we use to help move them closer to Jesus. Last week in Kingdom Kids we shared a challenge from the lives of Ahab, Jezebel and Naboth about covetousness. On May 29 on family "FX Sunday" we'll share that lesson with our whole church family. Here's a preview... ...